Meet Us at Phocuswright, Florida - 2023

Meet Us at Phocuswright, Florida - 2023

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Bhushan Tamhankar

Co-Founder & COO

Bhushan, is the seasoned strategist at ZentrumHub, bringing over 18 years of invaluable experience from the heart of the travel industry. He’s the driving force behind the company’s strategic supplier partnerships, and the pursuit of exceptional customer success.
Bhushan’s journey through the travel and tourism sector has been nothing short of remarkable. His profound understanding of diverse travel agency models and his keen eye for industry trends have consistently propelled product augmentation, placing him at the forefront of innovation.
With a career that has spanned across renowned organizations such as Akbar Travel, Udchalo, and WNS Global, Bhushan has left an indelible mark in the travel landscape. His name is synonymous with a deep and expansive network within the industry, and he’s hailed as an influencer in his own right.
With Bhushan’s visionary leadership, ZentrumHub is primed for an era of strategic excellence and industry transformation.