Why ZentrumHub

One Universal Hotel API to connect to leading hotel suppliers, GDS and bring their rates to your platform instantly

APIs with optimized performance give your end users and agents access to a nextgen booking solution where-in they don’t need to wait for the slowest supplier in the system. Our platform is certified with leading OTAs, suppliers and GDS so that we are able to get your production ready in less time. Our pre-integrated API with over 40 suppliers lets you launch your business in less than two weeks even.


All-in-one universal Hotel Booking API

Efficient APIs | GTM in 2 weeks

Global network

ZentrumHub has the largest global network with connections with over 40 hotel suppliers and GDS, enabling you to succeed in any business market rapidly.

One-stop shop

Universal Hotel Booking API, white label UI, back office management, data analytics, and more. We have it all for you to meet your travel business needs!

Optimised performance

Our adaptive technology ensures less than 1 second search overhead, enabling faster hotel streaming and better ROI and customer retention.

Reduced integration costs

With a single API integration, you are ready to launch your business in reduced timelines rather than connecting to n suppliers and providers individually

World-class support

We don’t want to sell a product to you. We want to see you succeed in your business. Our customer success team is here to help you grow your business efficiently.

Robust platform

Our platform is robust, secure, fast, built on cutting edge technology and is designed to handle high traffic. You also get access to visualize all that is happening in the API system through logs for success and failures.

Trusted by travel companies worldwide

The platform is renowned for its cutting-edge technology, and we are confident that this partnership will add immense value in enhancing our customer experience. We are excited about the opportunities this opens up and look forward to scaling greater heights in the segment with this partnership.

Maria Elena Martell
Founder & CEO | Avolartravel.com

As an OTA, I can say that ZentrumHub offers a very powerful suite of tools for managing our OTA business, as much for its functionality, as for the different possibilities to manage our product distribution. Together since we started!

Ravi Kumar
CEO | Udchalo

ZentrumHub has demonstrated to act not only as of the technical “pipe” to flow in but also as an advisor on how to most effectively reach the product we need.

Ify Daniels
C0-Founder & CEO | Ikanopii

Metasearch plays an important role in distributing hotels since 70% of users connect to them during a purchase journey. With Meta I/O, ZentrumHub can help their clients sell more on metasearch

Julio Selva
Vice President of Strategic Partnerships | WIHP

The most successful travel businesses in the world have access to ZentrumHub.
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