Meet Us at Phocuswright, Florida - 2023

Meet Us at Phocuswright, Florida - 2023

All-in-one Hotel Booking Platform for B2B & B2C Models

Upscale your hotel business with ZentrumHub’s innovative platform tailored for both B2B and B2C businesses. Our all-in-one booking engine seamlessly integrates hotel searches, API booking capabilities, agent management, and meta integration into a single, powerful solution.

The comprehensive modules that come as part of booking engine

Hotel Booking Engine API

Empower your platform with our robust API, connecting you to a global network of suppliers effortlessly.

Global Supplier Connectivity

Seamlessly connect with over 60 suppliers through our unified API, expanding your reach and inventory options.

Whitelabel UI

Elevate your brand with a personalized and user-friendly interface, ensuring a smooth booking experience for your customers.

Agency & Agent Management

Streamline agency and agent onboarding for effortless B2B expansion, enabling direct bookings and payments.

Integrated Hotel and Room Mapping

Simplify complex inventory management with integrated mapping solutions, ensuring accuracy and ease.

Revenue Management

Maximize profitability with flexible markup, discount, fee, and commission rules tailored to your business strategy.

Data & Analytics

Make informed decisions using powerful data insights to drive growth and refine your business approach.

Multilingual and Multicurrency

Access supplier rates and content in your choice of currency and language giving you a global presence.

All your hotel booking platform needs in one place

All your hotel booking platform needs in one place

B2C Hotel Booking Engine for Travel Business

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Meta Reach

Leverage integration with meta channels like Google and TripAdvisor, unlocking access to a wider audience and boosting bookings.

Marketing & Analytics

Create multiple landing pages to drive traffic and leverage integrated analytics with A/B testing on all pages. Take advantage of deep linking support to attract users to relevant hotels and promoted locations.

Exclusive Access to Private Rates

Reward loyal users with privileged access to Closed User Group (CUG) and private rates via a subscription model.

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Flexibility with Supplier Contracts

Seamlessly integrate your existing supplier contracts, retaining control and enhancing offerings.

Tailored Configuration

ZentrumHub configures the platform according to your specific business

Custom API Integration or Branded UI

Choose to integrate ZentrumHub APIs or launch your branded UI platform, empowering your brand’s identity.

Informed Decision-Making

Leverage data-driven insights to make strategic business decisions.


Experience Seamless Connectivity

Unlock the power of seamless connectivity with ZentrumHub