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Zentrumhub turned its dream into reality in 2021 by accelerating its travel-tech venture. Our vision was always crystal-clear to provide an all-inclusive database to travel aggregators. We are deemed to provide top-notch search results and goldmine travel data via API integration. Our achievements and craft can speak for themselves. It also showcases the quality of services we offer to keep our customer’s content and fulfill their needs.

We are a SaaS (Software as a Service) optimization company that proffers a multitude of benefits to its customers. They can range from helping travel companies attain greater accessibility to niche travel content. Moreover, your user’s experience will be exceptional because of reduced latency in search optimization. Also, they can divulge deep into some spectacular travel insights for making better-informed decisions. Our travel-tech company is a consolidation of pioneers from the fields of hospitality, travel, and technology. A lethal combination of our adept team workers accompanied with robust will render you with nothing short of perfection. From price comparison charts to hotel mapping, you will get access to a host of services within one roof. We possess a never-ending commitment to making our customer’s experience worthy. Furthermore, accepting our and our product offering’s shortcomings and taking corrective measures forms an inseparable part of us.

Zentrumhub surrounds its work environment with utmost humanity, respect, and drive to achieve higher. We embrace each other’s flaws and always encourage one another at every step to progress. Our organization is creating a harmonious community where employees from various backgrounds co-exist happily. Associating with Zentrumhub is like being on a rejuvenating gateway for both the workforce and customers


Our prodigy comprises our mastermind Sachin Singh who is the CEO of Zentrumhub. Next in line with visionaries, we have Ganesh Pawade the CTO and Co-founder of Zentrumhub. We have seasoned and iconic executives from the fields of tech and travel. We have a decade-long experience and the zest to help travel companies flourish with goldmine data.

We are wholeheartedly concerned about adding value in our clients' lives. Thus, we intend to deliver a sterling quality suite of products to them. Since our ultimate goal is to empower our customers with services that will bolster their ecosystem. We wish to flourish the travel industry with nuanced technology.

Sachin Singh | CEO

Growth Story

Zentrumhub dived into the world of hotel API integration to proffer promising travel content to aggregators. All our visionaries have been thoroughly involved in travel, and technology which is where our wisdom comes from. They imbibed various learnings and realized the need for systematic data while working with tech experts. The enterprising knack in us assisted Zentrumhub in becoming a global standard for accommodation data.

Our dynamic team firmly believes that the key to success lies in the spark to be and offer different. It will always be in the self-belief to cater to the demands of our customers with utmost ease. Our diverse team has managed to make tech solutions simpler and easily comprehensible for our clientele. The complexities of the accommodation industry have also been minimized to zero for better customer understanding. Zentrumhub has an eye for talent and hard work, which is why our team is an assortment of skills. We have a complete community of veterans from hospitality, travel, and technology companies.

We are working inclusively as a well-synced team to build software solutions that provide a seamless customer experience. Since our company’s institution, we have facilitated modern accommodation businesses improve their product offerings to keep their customers intrigued. How did we accomplish that? In this fast-paced world, the competition is cut-throat. Thus we help our clients and suppliers streamline the accommodation space via artificial intelligence (AI) coupled with machine learning (ML).

Seeing us reach this pinnacle has only been fulfilling and inspiring to bits. Every new achievement and progress made has acted as a smooth feather in our cap. We have always worked on prominent projects with some vivacious clients that have contributed to our growth. We have created a strong ecosystem of 100+ clients, 350+ suppliers, and an energetic team who are our ambassadors. We have full-fledged faith that we can transform this travel industry into becoming more efficient and next-gen.

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