Meet Us at Phocuswright, Florida - 2023

Meet Us at Phocuswright, Florida - 2023

VisitorsDeals Chooses ZentrumHub’s Booking Engine Platform to Showcase its Unique Travel Offerings

VisitorsDeals Chooses ZentrumHub's Booking Engine Platform to Showcase its Unique Travel Offerings

Last Updated :12 October, 2023

VisitorsDeals, a one-of-a-kind travel agency that offers free roaming passes to its customers and the best room booking options has partnered with ZentrumHub, an emerging market leader in hotel booking engine solutions and hotel supplier API connectivity.

VisitorsDeals, a well-known and celebrated travel business from Malaysia made headlines for offering FREE roaming data in 121 countries to its customers who book hotel rooms through their website. To widen their user base , VisitorsDeals has partnerships with mobile operators, they have launched FREE mobile roaming with their 1st mobile operator from Malaysia called Yoodo which is owned by Celcom , they are in midst of launching FREE roaming service with their 2nd mobile operator next month .

Intending to provide a seamless and dynamic booking experience for travelers, VisitorsDeals was searching for a platform that could match the innovation and flexibility of its business model. It needed a partner that could showcase its unique offerings and provide travelers with an unparalleled and user-centric experience.

With ZentrumHub, VisitorsDeals found the perfect match. ZentrumHub’s dynamic Booking Engine Platform and the hotel Supplier Connectivity Solution – Zentrum Connect, offer many features that align with VisitorsDeals’ vision.

This new customer sign-up clearly aligns with ZentrumHub’s focus on Asia Pacific markets. As a part of that strategy, ZentrumHub has already partnered with suppliers and other vendors from the same region to have extensive and comprehensive inventory coverage and technology solutions for its clients.

The co-founder and CEO of ZentrumHub, Abhinav Sinha, mentioned, ” VisitorsDeals’ innovative approach to travel is impressive. We are committed to providing a platform that reflects the dynamic nature of their business and highlights their unique offerings. Together, we aim to set a new standard in the travel industry.”

VisitorsDeals’ CEO, Bala Subramani Rao, said, ” Our goal is to make travel a stress free and enjoyable experience for all. With ZentrumHub’s cutting-edge technology, we can now offer travelers a seamless booking experience that truly showcases our unique value proposition.”

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About VisitorsDeals

VisitorsDeals focuses on giving travellers special dining deals and FREE data for roaming when travellers book their rooms through their website.
They aggregate the rates from multiple suppliers and always offer the lowest rate possible for the room the user has selected. VisitorsDeals always strive to improve

travelers’ experience so that people can have a stress-free vacation or stay. Due to these offerings, people keep coming back to them.

About ZentrumHub

At the forefront of travel technology, ZentrumHub has carved its niche in the industry with a SaaS- and PaaS-based travel technology approach. The company’s ingenious hotel booking engine and supplier connectivity platform are designed to enable suppliers, channel managers, and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Zentrum Booking Engine and Zentrum Connect streamline supplier connectivity, white-label solution, the booking process, and the back office, ensuring a seamless experience for all.

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