Meet Us at Phocuswright, Florida - 2023

Meet Us at Phocuswright, Florida - 2023

RateHawk Joins Hands with ZentrumHub to Facilitate Smooth Hotel Inventory Distribution

RateHawk Joins Hands with ZentrumHub to Facilitate Smooth Hotel Inventory Distribution

Last Updated : Oct 18 2023 | 11:35 PM IST

Wilmington (Delaware) [US], October 18: RateHawk, a leader in hotel inventory distribution and an online system for booking hotels, air tickets, and transfers, establishes a strategic partnership with ZentrumHub, an emerging hotel booking engine and supplier connectivity solutions provider, to organize better and control its 2.2 million+ extensive accommodation inventories.
RateHawk has long been recognized for its comprehensive range of hotel offerings. Its recent focus is expanding and localizing products while partnering with various vendors for inventory distribution. With this seamless integration, ZentrumHub’s customers can tap into a vast selection of accommodations worldwide through its product – Zentrum Connect.

RateHawk’s Launchers Team Head, Erik Akhmetgaliev, said, “Our business thrives on innovation, and we collaborate with firms that provide top-notch solutions in the travel industry. By joining forces with ZentrumHub, we have expanded our reach and made our offerings more accessible to travelers worldwide. Together, we are poised to deliver a streamlined and efficient experience to businesses and travelers alike.”

“We are proud to have Ratehawk as a trusted partner,” said Bhushan Tamhankar, Co-founder and Head of Global Partnerships – ZentrumHub. “With RateHawk’s extensive offerings, our customers can now offer travelers an even broader selection of accommodations, all seamlessly integrated through Zentrum Connect. This collaboration is a testament to our dedication to enhancing the capabilities of Zentrum Connect and making it a preferred choice for businesses seeking high-quality hotel inventory.”

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