Powerful Tool to Simplify Your Work on One Platform – Hotel Extranet Booking System

Hotel Extranet Booking System is simply an online tool that allows travel management companies, travel agencies, and tour operators to upload their partnered hotels and make them available for booking from their online booking system. All you require is only to complete the hotel information such as allocations, hotel descriptions, prices, and exclusive offers. Additionally, you can access the rates, special discounts, and privacy policies with it.

Essentially, Hotel Extranet and Hotel CRS are forms of hotel central reservation systems, which are common in resort and hotel industries. CRS or central reservation system is a computerized system that revolves around the storage and distribution of information concerning resorts, hotels, and hosts of lodging facilities. Through the hotel Extranet booking system, you can configure the business and also make complete changes in the inventory. It is a very useful travel technology solution

All the suppliers are linked to the Extranet Admin, which allows them to handle the traffic, confirm the reservations, check the reservation status and provide exclusive discounts. It also makes it easier to secure more reservations and, therefore, increases occupancy. With an online hotel extranet, a wide range of payment options are available. You make the payment from your preferred payment options, like debit card, credit card, UPI, wallets, and more.

Key Capabilities of a Hotel Extranet Booking System

  • Add your preferred and negotiated rates through the hotel contracting tool
  • Get a one-stop web-based system to facilitate the travel services
  • Easy access to the hotels
  • You can check the prices, availability, and content information yourself
  • Through the hotel extranet, you can find and book a wide variety of properties such as resorts, villas, apartments, budget hotels, luxury hotels, and more. You will get Chance to include the description, facilities, amenities, meals, photos and more
  • Check and manage availability.
  • Special offers like the price, discount, early booking, all comes under extranet bookings

Benefits of Hotel Extranet Booking System

  • Increased Productivity: you can easily increase the productivity of your travel business.
  • Flexibility: No matter when your customers are booking, with the flexible hotel extranet booking services you can easily offer last-minute bookings.
  • Business enhancers: As a business owner, you can manage your business according to your terms and conditions using Extranet. This enhances the accomplishment of the business and automates the booking process which was previously impacted greatly by the manual hotel booking process.
  • Effective and accurate information: The accommodation providers can add all the related details and save them in the inventory, including editing, adding, and updating all the related information.

Features of ZentrumHub Hotel Extranet Booking System

  • Manage the hotel rates easily
  • Mobile-Friendly and user-friendly design
  • Instant Email alerts
  • extranet booking access
  • Auto email confirmation and email alerts