Hotel Mapping- A Complete Guide

Many visitors encounter the same property on more than one online travel agency or receive different information of the same property on different OTAs. Because travel agencies collect their data through different channels.

Hotel mapping is the solution to this problem, which OTAs and suppliers have been grappling with for many years. Maps of hotels enable OTAs to present the best possible offerings by mapping information from a variety of sources.

Now let’s take a closer look at how hotel mapping can help to produce more accurate and efficient hotel listings.

What is Hotel Mapping?

Hotel mapping is the process of combining the details of various properties from different sources and listing them in such a way that prevents the duplication and inconsistency of data.

To ensure a variety of content, many online travel agencies source their data from multiple sources. However, the collected data is most of the time inaccurate and inconsistent due to duplication and overlap between different lists sets and, that’s where hotel mapping comes into play.

Travel technology provides a seamless integration of all hotel properties for a specific location collected from several sources in a systematic manner to prevent inconsistencies and duplication.

Why do you need Hotel Mapping?

As the demand increases, more and more different properties are entering in the market, elevating the number of choices for a user to choose from. Due to the large amounts of data collected from various sources by online travel agents, processing these huge amounts of data becomes next to impossible. Hence, travel technology solutions become a necessity.    

The mapping of hotels is a fully automated process that applies artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other subsets of AI to deliver consistent results that are efficient and comprehensive.

Benefits of Hotel Mapping?

  • A fully mapped database with no duplicates:

An advanced matching algorithm is used to modify the data from suppliers, assisted and verified by manual entry, eliminating duplicates and generating unique IDs for both hotels and destinations.

  • Optimized results and increased performance of the selling platform

The client will be able to search among multiple hotels, sort this information by price, category, and easily locate the best price in an instant with hotel mapping service.

  • Improves revenue generation

In addition to affecting the sales and revenue of your website, hotel mapping helps to unify and simplify hotel content in the most effective manner. Users will see a unified listing according to their requirements with minimal confusion on the website, which will directly affect traffic and revenue generation.

  • Regular updates and modifications

Hotel mapping is not simply a one-time endeavour. It requires constant updating and removing of old properties to maintain the hotel catalogue’s freshness so that the users can access the best and latest hotel listings.

About ZentrumHub:

Hotel mapping has simplified the hotel booking process, not only for the users but for the website owners as well. The ease of booking would not be as easy without it now. This aligns the hotel inventory and provides a high-performing product that benefits both customers and owners.

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