Powerful Tool to Simplify Your Work on One Platform – Hotel Extranet Booking System

Hotel Extranet Booking System is simply an online tool that allows travel management companies, travel agencies, and tour operators to upload their partnered hotels and make them available for booking from their online booking system. All you require is only to complete the hotel information such as allocations, hotel descriptions, prices, and exclusive offers. Additionally, […]

10 Essential Features of a Good Hotel Booking System

People these days tend to be more progressive than their ancestors. Thanks to the technology available to us, they can plan ahead without any difficulty. More than half of people who travel abroad pre-book their hotel rooms in advance and most of them do so online via a hotel booking website or application. However, with […]

Hotel Mapping- A Complete Guide

Many visitors encounter the same property on more than one online travel agency or receive different information about the same property on different OTAs. Because travel agencies collect their data through different channels. Hotel mapping is the solution to this problem, which OTAs and suppliers have been grappling with for many years. Maps of hotels […]

Essentials things to check while selecting an advanced Hotel API

Nowadays a large volume of hotel bookings takes place, as every traveler like to book their stay in advance. Although the demand for hotels is high at the moment, if you have still not taken the right step to grow your travel business, it is the right time to introduce an advanced API for hotels. […]

Benefits of Hotel API Integration for Online Travel Agencies

In the past couple of years, people have started using the internet to book their travel needs, they looking to make travel bookings prefer ‘all-in-one-place platforms for their bookings & requirements. Therefore, travel agencies need to make sure that the content they provide to their customers is relevant. In that case travel agencies direct contracts […]